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Integrate is a technology outsourcing company that designs bespoke solutions and enhances case management systems for high-volume professional service firms in the UK and Australia. Since 2016, we have transformed legal service operations through technology.

Our mission is to take away the frustrations of slow tech integrations and error-prone programs that lead to high-costs and heavy resources – so that our customers can unlock new capabilities and boost their client satisfaction with better communication, increased productivity and efficiency.

The result of our legal sector knowledge combined with our tech expertise is a robust holistic software infrastructure that propels you to the forefront of legal software, and keeps you there – however fast it evolves.

Our Products

As well as helping you to tap into the full scope of existing case and document management tools on the market, we also know there limits. For that reason we have created our own suite of digital tools for the legal sector specifically designed to service those gaps.

  • Legally Connected

    A bespoke cutting edge, cloud based case management system designed for your entire legal services ecosystem.

  • Mailmover

    Address time-consuming and error-prone email filing in Outlook by seamlessly filing relevant email within your Case Management System.

  • Dialconnex

    Offers precise call routing, context-rich caller information, and integration with case management systems to transform communication within your legal supply chain.

Our Team

Simon Gibson

Chief Executive Officer

Michelle Stevenson

Chief Strategy Officer

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Robert Anderson

Head of Consultancy Services

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Oliver Roby

Chief Technical Officer

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Abigail Bramwell

Development Manager

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Jessica Clays

Social Media Executive

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