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Intelligent CMS-Integrated Email Filing

Why use Mailmover?

Did you know law firms and legal services spend up to 29 days per year filing Outlook emails to case management systems? This laborious, drag-drop and save process is painstakingly manual and prone to human error.

From client complaints to settlement proposals to completions, when emails are missed in the legal supply chain, escalations can happen quickly. Audit trails and case history can be incomplete, client communication is slowed and time recording opportunities go unseen.

Mail Mover limits risks, saves time and cuts costs.

Mail Mover is the cost-effective email management solution that seamlessly integrates with case management systems, allowing legal firms and services to automate the filing of incoming emails. Instantly alerting fee-earners that a case communication has been received and freeing up around 1 hour per day currently spent saving emails into Proclaim.

How does Mailmover work?

Sophisticated AI technology automatically detects Case References in the Subject, Body and Attachments of inbound emails.

Mail Mover is an out-of-the-box email management solution that uses sophisticated AI technology to scan for case numbers, and automatically assign emails to the relevant case within Proclaim or other case management systems.

When Mail Mover identifies a matching client matter number it:

  • Automatically saves the email to the case management system
  • Adds a task into the appropriate fee earners task list
  • Alerts the fee earner to the arrival of a new email triggering a prompt client communication
  • Creates a full audit trail for the management of the case

We provide hands-on technical support to help our customers seamlessly integrate our product within their existing case management system, creating bespoke workflows entirely tailored to their operations.

Day-to-day contact is provided via one of our dedicated account managers, who will be available to facilitate remote troubleshooting and answer any service queries as they arise.


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“Law Plus are an established firm specialising in Personal Injury. The high volume of emails being exchanged on a daily basis meant that our staff were getting caught up with the administrative task of manually filing emails into the Case Management System. Once we began using Mail Mover, we saw an increase in staff productivity, Automating the management of emails ensures our fee earners have more time to focus on delivering a high quality service to our clients”


What else can it do?

Mail Mover uses intelligent keyword searches to instantly trigger escalations and speed up case resolution.

Mail Mover can also review the body of all incoming emails to scan for custom keywords and phrases and trigger an automated process. Should the word ‘complaint’ be found, for instance, Mail Mover will copy the email to the firm’s compliance team or COLP (Compliance Officer for Legal Practice) ensuring that acted upon in accordance with internal processes.

Combined with our hands-on support service, this advanced technology empowers legal firms and services to significantly improve the management of their incoming email traffic across their operations, leading to faster case resolution and ultimately, increased revenue.

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