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Legally Connected

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Why Use Legally Connected?

Case management systems are, in short, the engine room behind today’s law firms and legal services.

From client data and documents to communications, time recording and billing, your CRM should power efficiency and streamline workflows, leaving you more time to provide service excellence to your clients and ultimately boost revenue.

The challenge, however, is making these off-the-shelf case management systems work in a way that fits your particular firm or business. Traditional CRMs are now legacy systems, and bespoke development can be costly, requiring advanced technical support rarely offered by providers. This leads to workarounds and inefficiencies that can slow down your firm’s engine room rather than accelerate it.

That’s where Legal Connected can help. Designed by lawyers, our all-in-one cloud-based case management system delivers where other providers fall short. It’s easy to switch to, user-centric to set up and operate, and seamlessly connects to all your existing digital tools and data sources.

CMS that’s built by lawyers, for lawyers.

Legally Connected is a powerful CMS platform purpose-built by ex-lawyers for today’s world of practice.

Imagine a CMS that promises a flexible, cloud-based solution tailored to the legal sector. Purpose-built by a team of several ex-lawyers who know the challenges and shortfalls of legacy CMS systems first-hand, Legal Connected has been designed bespoke for firms of all shapes and sizes within the legal ecosystem.

Part of the Integrate family, we are an owner-managed business, and place a high premium on fostering genuine client relationships through personalised support and service.

Why power your operations with Legally Connected?

Simple and transparent pricing models, based on a monthly license per user

User-centric customisation capabilities, that empower users to tailor the platform to their operations

Ready-to-go automation with customisable workflows

Open API integration that seamlessly integrates and unlocks the power of all your existing software

Varying scalability for both small firms and high-volume transaction firms

A robust 24/7 Help Desk and support system

A future-proofed case management system that is AI-ready and continuously being developed in line with technology disruption legal services.

Make the seamless switch

Legally Connected is a one-of-a-kind case management system built to serve firms of all shapes and sizes, across the legal supply chain. Designed to connect to your firm’s entire tech stack providing you with efficiencies including; automatic case creation, advanced document management capabilities and bespoke MI Reporting.

We’ve made switching easy too. We provide hands-on and personalised migration support, with transparent project road maps to guide you through the transition to Legally Connected.

With a bespoke demo led by one of our expert developers, you’ll gain a realistic insight into how Legally Connected can begin to propel your processes, and ultimately, your progress. Those such as:

  • Customisable modules to ensure tools can be tailored to your firm’s needs
  • An integrated marketplace to make connecting third-party services seamless
  • Advanced analytics to provide detailed metrics and insight for monitoring and efficiency
  • Enhanced collaboration tools improving communication and collaboration within the legal ecosystem
  • Robust cybersecurity prioritising your data protection and limiting risks
  • Hands-on 1-2-1 training for efficient onboarding with tailormade development roadmaps
  • Built-in feedback reporting encouraging user feedback harnessed for constant product improvements.


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“We made the decision to go with the Integrate team after strongly considering building our own software from scratch. They’ve been as good as their word in developing an MLAS specific cloud CMS, whilst supporting us with daily meetings & multiple meetings on site & transferring our historical data which has given us instantly better visibility across our departments. We see ourselves growing with Integrate as our businesses adapt to market conditions, it’s been a fantastic start"

Gavin Rimmer, Managing Director — MLAS

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"We recently went live on our Cloud CMS with Legally Connected after a data import from our legacy system. The team have delivered training here at our premises & have continued to support us daily. We’re excited to see what comes next"

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