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Integrate Connect

Integrate Connect allows us to work with our clients on a monthly basis


What is Integrate Connect?

Integrate Connect allows us to work with our clients on a monthly basis – providing continued advice, support and project management – rather than just working on a specific project.

By outsourcing your software development, Integrate Connect allows you to get the most from your out-of-the-box solutions, offering more efficient ways of onboarding, opening cases and reporting.

How can Integrate Connect benefit law firms?

Integrate Connect provides you with access to a bank of experienced developers and tech leads.

All our developers have a legal background and so have firsthand experience of the problems you may be facing.

Working under the Integrate Connect model provides you with developer hours to provide support for your in-house team. Therefore, allowing your team to offload time consuming tech tasks that are holding you back from maximising valuable work.

What do I get?

Case management support from a senior team member over the phone

– A fixed number of development and team support hours
– The development of a strategic plan.
– Health check on demand.
– Task Server Monitoring
– Covers all things proclaim / actionstep / net documents but excludes infrastructure (servers / backups etc)

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