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Screen Amends and Data Capture

What are Screen Amends and Data Capture?


Data Strategy

A data capture strategy is first and foremost your consideration when looking to benefit from adapting your Proclaim case management system to fit your business automation needs.

Step 1: What are you trying to achieve with your Proclaim data?

When planning any changes to your Proclaim Software system it’s important that you consider what data you want to capture. You’ll need this data for later on when creating reports or queries so you can stay on top of case progression. You may also be using Proclaim Screens to capture vetting data or using this data to populate letters automatically.

Step 2: Design your bespoke business workflow

We’ve helped multiple law firms design new vetting systems to ensure cases coming into the law firm are of the expected quality. We do this by holding an initial meeting with the client to understand the new business workflow and what data they are trying to capture to be able to make a decision on whether to accept the new inbound enquiry or reject it.

Step 3: Implement the data capture strategy for automation

From this initial meeting to final implementation our team of experienced developers will guide you on implementing the correct data capture strategy.

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