It has been a busy 6 months for me being new to the legal tech industry, understanding how law firms work right now and grasping their tech aspirations for the future. The most exciting part about my job is helping my clients to achieve their tech-goals which will ultimately help their law firms run more efficiently day to day whilst increasing their bottom line.

What Prevents Law Firms from Adopting New Tech?

The most common challenges law firms face, from my experience, is having the resource and knowledge to develop and utilise their current tech. The common misconception is that the development of their tech will not only come with a hefty price tag, but lots of time needed to spend on coming up with ideas to make their processes more efficient whilst having the time to develop and implement them.

Recruitment of developers also seems to be a challenge within the sector, this comes down to a few reasons:

  1. A lack of experienced developers
  2. The cost of a full-time developer

This is especially for the smaller firms. Which often leads to the budget question ‘Can that money be better spent elsewhere?’ My answer to that is, yes. I can confidently offer my clients a full tech team with stacks of experience in the tech field for a small monthly fee which allows them to cross off their tech projects on by one. Zeus Tech Solutions are renown for the proactive approach in which we help our clients to come up with new innovative ideas on better ways to get the most from case management systems. We listen to their ideas and make them a reality. Not only can we save our clients time, the stress of project management, but can also deliver multiple projects in just one month – no more pushing project deadlines back!

The Power of Automation in Boosting Law Firm Productivity

We live in a world where we rely heavily on technology, and that goes for lawyers too. In a client facing, business development role, it’s so refreshing to be able listen to my clients, understand what they want to get from their tech and make it happen. The number one goal for any law firm I come across is to make their system as automated as possible, this allows them to focus on their day-to-day tasks that drive their business forward. Automation of simple tasks such as pulling reports or onboarding new clients saves so much time and allows them to increase the number of cases they are able to take on. My clients are often amazed at the little time it takes us to develop new workflows, bespoke to them and the impact they have on the daily running of their business. The feedback is often that staff are not only happier that time consuming tasks are now done in just a couple of clicks of a button but that productivity within the business has also increased.

Outsourcing Tech Projects for Immediate Wins

My advice to any law firm is to outsource your tech projects, leave it to experts and quickly reap the benefits of automation. Not only will you see an instant ROI, but it will be more cost-effective for your business too!

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Abigail Bramwell, Business Development Manager, Zeus Tech Solutions.