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Actionstep Development and Support

Transform your law firm’s productivity at every step, with a flexible all-in-one practice management system.

Adaptable, All-In-One Law Firm Software

Zeus Tech Heroes have the know-how to integrate this multi-faceted software into your case management system.

Workflow is the key to transforming your law practice into an efficient business. You can create a unique set of steps and tasks for each matter type, automate each step to collect information, assign tasks, and make sure everything is checked off before moving to the next step. Delegate work to your staff with the assurance that everything will be done according to plan.

Client benefits

Zeus can integrate Actionstep with your case management system, so the client can have a unique contact record and be assigned to matters and you can maintain a complete picture of your entire history with each individual client.

Business benefits

Actionstep can customise each of your matter types with a unique workflow, folder structure, custom data fields, document templates, billing arrangements, and reports. Process matters more efficiently and ensure that nothing gets missed.


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