Alexa – AI technology for your case management system

“Alexa, play Jingle Bells”. That’s a phrase that will be getting overused this Christmas!

Over the last decade, technology has reached new heights and continues to develop at an incredible pace. As a result, artificial intelligence technology has slowly and smoothly entered our lives. Alexa is one of the many examples.

We all know or have heard about Alexa and what it can do to ease our everyday life. However, most of us think that this AI device is a household assistant programmed to process / run simple commands. But this smart device is so much more.

Did you know that you can use Alexa within your organisation, and it can save you time and money, while adding value to your customers? Now you know. For the last couple of years, businesses have been introducing voice-first smart devices within their companies to improve not only efficiencies but also client communication.

As a company driven by innovation, our team of developers has created an Alexa business skills integration that can be integrated within your Proclaim case management system and / or customer relationship system. This innovative integration provides the opportunity for a new way of communication between your company and your client. For example, our Alexa business skill integration allows the client to have 24/7 access to your company’s platform where they can ask for updates on their case and find answers on FAQs, as long as they have an Alexa enabled device.

Alexa business skills…

gives you the freedom to focus on more important tasks without neglecting your clients. A simple call about case update can cost you valuable time but not when you have Alexaintegrated within your case management system answering questions on your behalf. Your customer receives the same value and customer experience as if he had a direct contact with you. Additionally, these business skills can be customised to give you a full report on outstanding tasks, KPI, conversion rates, monthly target goals, what your current turnover or pipeline is etc. All this information can be provided with a simple voice command. No need to open the case and search through the information.