Zeus Tech Solutions paves the way for the next generation of software developers in Liverpool

LIVERPOOL, 23 November 2022 – Zeus Tech Solutions has officially opened the doors of the much-anticipated Next-Gen Software Academy to train the next generation of software engineers and legal case management consultants. The innovative programme offers school, college leavers, graduates and individuals seeking a career change a fantastic opportunity to kickstart their software development careers by developing vocational software skills.

Launched this month, the initiative is a welcome alternative to the government’s controversial apprenticeship levy, which has gained widespread criticism for soaring dropout rates and inadequate training.

With technology skills heavily in demand but in short supply, the apprenticeship levy was meant to develop the nation’s digital skills. However, it has failed to deliver on its promise, putting companies in the technology sector under increasing pressure to source scarce talent.

“With the political unrest and economic struggles we’re seeing at the moment, apprenticeships have fallen way down the political agenda,” explains Stephen Lucas, Managing Director of Zeus Tech Solutions. “The levy wasn’t working anyway, and now things are really in dire straits. Technology companies like us must take ownership of the problem and devise a solution ourselves, or our sector will suffer long-term.”

To overcome the glaring shortfalls of the apprenticeship scheme and nurture the digital talent pipeline in the region, the Next-Gen Software Academy will develop the next generation of software developers.

Trainees will embark on an intensive six-month course learning different coding languages from .net c# and React to Sql, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. By the end of training course they will become fully-fledged software developers with outstanding career prospects.

The academy is open to people of all ages and abilities, with a particular emphasis on promoting inclusivity and diversity by improving the representation of ethnic minority groups within the technology sector.

“We’re going to do what the government couldn’t: empower people with the skills they need to have long, fulfilling careers in technology,” continues Stephen. “Importantly, we’re going to tackle bias and inequality too. For too long, our sector has been riddled with unfair prejudice. People from underrepresented groups deserve fair career opportunities. Our academy will change the narrative in the industry by building a diverse, sustainable talent pipeline.”

The Next-Gen Software Academy is currently open for applications. Future software development stars can visit the Zeus Tech Solutions website to contact the academy team and learn more about the application process.