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Are you looking to customise your Proclaim case management software and get the most from your technology investment? You’ve come to the right place.

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‘Proclaim heroes and masters of integrations’

 Zeus Tech Solutions, a talented team of software developers, is the leading provider in customising case management systems. Whether you are designing new workflows or enhancing your existing case management system (CMS), through opportunities such as integrations with market-leading software, we can help.

What does the case management health check involve?

We will undertake a half day audit with your in-house case management and technology team, where we can help you to understand how to optimise your CMS.

As experts we understand that well thought through data capture workflows can provide your firm with new and improved ways of automating and processing case information.

For your FREE health check

 Automation of secure and accurate data capture is critical for efficiency and mitigating risks. We will:

 Investigate your case management potential:

We will review your workflows and the potential of your case management system so that you can plan your software optimisation strategy with confidence. 

Undertake a key issue analysis:

We will take the time to understand your specific ‘blocks’ and issues.These can range from achieving firm-wide adoption to maximising the significant investment you have made.

Provide recommendations and optimisation hacks:

We will provide you with some tips to implement quick wins but also a next step action plan for a strategy that will enhance your case management system.

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