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Staff Testimonials

I feel appreciated, trusted, supported and engaged.

Zeus made me feel welcome from Day 1, even though I am largely remote based, I feel part of the team and feel included in every step of the process. I like working collaboratively with the people at Zeus as they genuinely care about the work they do and are passionate about it. Continuous improvement is outstanding and we’re always trying to ‘Do Better’ the drive to expand Zeus as not just a destination employer but to branch out into other ventures as well.

For me, I took the role as it was mainly remote, and because Ste and Dawn were very easy to get on with in my interviews. They also threw me in at the deep end with their interview questions, which is how I knew that a company who push you and put you on the spot is a company who want you to think for yourself and would push you for progression in the role in the future. Plus the fact they were very easy to get on with, that’s what you want, to work with people that are easy to get along but also dedicated, and enjoy what they do.

Jasmine Fleming

HR Assistant / Recruiter

Being a Zeus employee makes me feel like anything is possible!

I started at Zeus in September last year and since then my knowledge of Proclaim has increased more than in the last two years. I am constantly supported by all of my fellow team members. If I have an issue or require a second pair of eyes its never too much to ask. I enjoy the fact that you are trusted to get on with your Job. The most enjoyable part for me is working for a company who understand tech people and that a job may sometimes take a little longer than anticipated due to the certain quirks that occur in IT!

Hayley Marsden

Proclaim Developer

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