Proclaim Case Management system – Automation Workflow and Data Capture

Imagine having a completely automated workflow for your case management system. No more searching for emails, no more manual records, no more lost time. Sounds good, right?

Today we live in a dynamic world where everything changes so quickly. Twenty years ago it was normal to manually enter data into a paper based system and still finish your daily tasks on time. Nowadays that would be almost impossible due to the sheer amount of information that goes through your business. Even with electronic systems, the amount of data involved in every case you work on makes managing that data more and more difficult. Implementing an automated workflow system enables you to manage your data in a streamlined and easy way . Giving you more time to focus on the more pressing priorities in your business.

Manual data input on your Proclaim case management system is a recipe for errors as. Even with the best will in the world, people make mistakes. The more times you handle data, the more chance there is of an error occurring. It’s also time consuming which affects your company’s efficiency and effectiveness. Even more, incorrect data capture will have a negative impact on your organisation’s reputation.

We quite often see these problems among our customers. Do you recognise any of them?

  • Incorrect data capture and key dates not completed
  • Incoming post incorrectly categorized with no follow-on tasks.
  • Reports that don’t make sense or are inaccurate.

The solution is automating your workflow. Creating a system where all the information is stored in a designated case file in one place within your case management software. Additionally, to reduce the time for manual data input from one system to another, with the correct setup and help from Zeus Tech, you can ensure an effective “communication” between the systems. All data will be captured correctly. Therefore, it will give a clear and fresh overview of the business progress and its processes.

Automation workflow and correct data capture are some of the key elements for success in any organisation.

Zeus Tech can help…

Our team of developers have an in-depth knowledge and experience with Proclaim software development and beyond. With our expertise, Zeus can help your business improve its organisational processes and automate your workflow including the following projects:

  • Automatic import and export case openings.
  • Case progress notification.
  • Reports with insights on which cases are priorities – deadlines, profitability, etc.
  • Task manager / notifications and calendar for urgent cases or ones that are due
  • Reporting and highlighting risks
  • Reports about efficiency and quality – analysis of your employees’ productivity
  • Notification of missing documents – for example, for standardised procedures
  • Customised solutions defined by your needs

We are dedicated to provide you with high-quality and innovative solutions. Meanwhile, to ensure you see return on your investment and improve your profitability and organisational processes. Contact us today and make your ideas into reality.