More and more businesses are taking advantage of electronic signature software to streamline the sign-up process and throughout the life cycle of a legal transaction.

But electronic sign-up software differs by vendor, features and price.

How do you choose the right one for your Proclaim System?  How do you ensure your costs aren’t going to spiral out of control?

It’s a tricky decision but we are here to help.

Price Model:

Firstly, consider which pricing model fits your needs and understand the pitfalls like fair-usage and over-usage. Some providers like DocuSign will include a fixed amount of documents you can send per year electronically and then may charge you an over-usage charge when you come to renew (this will depend on your individual terms and conditions when you sign up). Adobe have a similar approach to pricing. What typically happens is you start with a couple of users and you put more and more documents through the electronic signing software. As a result this can lead to costs creeping higher.

Securedocs (by Eclipse) is priced differently with an upfront setup and licence fee plus a low monthly payment.  They don’t currently have a cap on usage.

Workflow solution:

Secondly, consider which solution fits seamlessly with your workflow.

Do you want to :

  • to integrate with your electronic signing software, so documents are sent direct to the client without the need for interaction with any external solutions website?
  • the document to be automatically chased?
  • the document, once signed, to be added automatically to the case history?

The three solutions above can all do this but…  you have to integrate your Proclaim system into DocuSign or Adobe which can bring additional costs and headaches. Securedocs works seamlessly, as you’d expect with Proclaim, it’s also easy to configure and create follow on workflows within your case types so you can chase for completion.

Benefits of electronic signup and e-signatures:

Online systems with electronic sign-up / e-signatures become more valuable to your organisation and your customers. The reason is that the response time is much faster than the standard paper sign ups. It saves paper, effort and money especially for legal, medical and insurance industry.

If you are considering e-signatures or you are currently using the providers above and want to discuss your options, then get in touch.



*We are not affiliated with any of the above  and don’t receive a commission from Eclipse for recommending their products.  

 Please note that each of the above companies’ terms and prices may be subject to change and Zeus Tech can’t be held responsible for those changes.