All law firms know that legal technology transformation is a must to remain competitive. Across the UK and beyond, companies are rapidly innovating, leaning on digital tools like automation and data analytics in an attempt to optimise costs, enhance client services and deliver growth.

And yet, research from Gartner shows that over half of legal transformation projects underperform expectations. Clearly, something is going awry.

While many legal teams have a high-level vision of how they should use software and other digital tools, they often don’t have the internal expertise to drive meaningful, long-term change. After all, true transformation isn’t just about applying the latest technologies; it involves a rethink of culture and underlying operations.

Uncover your transformation pain points

If your digital transformation efforts are yet to deliver the desired return, it’s time to pause and review. Don’t risk losing more time and money. Instead, book an appointment with us for a free law-tech diagnostics health check.

What is a law-tech diagnostics health check?

Building on the huge success of our case management health check offering, the law-tech diagnostics health check service goes one step further.

We’ll not only look at your case management software, but undertake an in-depth, holistic audit of your technology systems. We’ll learn more about your pain points and drivers, and identify strategic opportunities for improvement.

From there, our specialists will architect a transformation roadmap: a document with personalised recommendations for successfully unlocking the potential of technology in your company, featuring advice on:

  • How to better integrate and optimise your existing technology solutions
  • Ways to achieve a surefire return on your technology investments
  • Market-leading software that can enhance employee productivity and customer service

Where can I sign up?

To get started with your free law-tech diagnostic health check, book an appointment here and one of our team members will come back to you.