Front end

When we then discuss the front end of any business, we are talking about how you bring new clients through the door. In other words, front end automation is the operational activities that affect the customer interaction.

The way in which we can now interact with our clients has changed so much over the years.  There is now even more competition to capture and retain clients.

Most law firms engage with new clients either via inbound call centre or via their website and outbound leads.

For the call centre, is Proclaim the most efficient way of capturing new client’s cases?  It depends how you set it up….  For an efficient call centre setup, you need to be able to capture data in the correct order. And with proper validation to ensure nothing is missed or incorrectly input.  You need to ensure your scripts are followed for compliance reasons and so quality remains high.

For web leads, is your website integrated with your Proclaim system? Can a client complete the on-boarding process via your website?  Pay you for any searches or initial fees?  Start talking over live chat with one of your new business teams if they become stuck in the process?

How can your organisation benefit from front end automation?

  • Improved customer service – through front end automation, your company can improve its efficiency and costs in customer interaction leading to better customer service at both ends. Additionally, automation improves the data collection and in most cases brand awareness and customer experience.
  • Lower costs – front end automated processes reduce the number of employees required for some specific activities (e.g. on-boarding processes) and the time and steps involved. As a result, your employees have more time to focus on their tasks without neglecting your clients. Meanwhile, the client receives fast and efficient delivery of information any time of the day.

Over the next couple of weeks, we are going to be providing you with some of our top tips on how to get the best out of Proclaim. We are starting with the front end because this is a key area, we see being neglected by law firms time and time again…