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Grow your business with Proclaim development

Want to grow your legal business? Time to develop Proclaim

You don’t need us to tell you what Proclaim is or what the benefits of using it are. If you’re here then you no doubt use the market-leading case management system on a daily basis. But you may be wondering if you’re really getting the most out of it?

Building Proclaim for you

One of the great things about the Proclaim system is that it is extremely flexible and can be fully adapted to your company’s needs. And that’s important in a system this widely used since the functionality required by a large enterprise is very different to that required by a small firm or start-up.

But the challenge is maximising those features that are going to be most beneficial to your business, and having them set up in a way that works for your workflow. We’ve all seen overzealous executives trying to force new bits of kit that they’re excited about on a team, like your dad picking up every dangerous power tool in B&Q that he wants “just in case”, only to find it cluttering everything up and not being used properly to deliver the results you wanted.

Don’t be your dad. Get the tools that will actually benefit you, set out in a way that you can actually use.

The best way to do this is with a Proclaim developer who will work alongside you to understand your business and the way you work, so they can build a Proclaim system around your actual needs.

Which reporting tools are going to give you the most valuable information? Which tasks can be automated effectively, and what needs to be inputted to get that running? What tasks do you need to be repeatable and how often does that need to run? What documents can be standardised?

And, vitally, how can your team access and use these features?

These are the questions that Zeus Technology Solutions’ Proclaim developers will consider when building or amending your Proclaim setup to suit your business.

Leading features

Because it’s such a huge product, there are a vast number of features within Proclaim that you may not be aware of or may not know how to include in your work. These are some of the top requested features that Zeus’s Proclaim development team can add in and tailor to your specifications.

  • Automations – a massive benefit to business efficiency – eliminate the time your team spend on repetitive admin tasks by automating various processes so that they can put their skills towards more worthwhile means. Automations also reduce the risk of human error that inevitably comes when a bored worker is mindless adding in data for the millionth time! Your Proclaim developer can find out what the biggest time-sinks are for your business and advise on which parts could be automated through the software.
  • MI reports – understand what’s going on in every part of your business with smarter reporting delivering you up to date and easily understandable data on your operations and the wider sector. Proclaim’s out-of-the box settings provide basic reporting functionality, but Proclaim Advanced Reports can be upgraded to a bespoke build that delivers better detail on the things that are most important to your
  • Telephony – improving the way you receive calls to your business by integrating your phone system with Proclaim will allow you to automatically redirect callers to the most suitable person and bring up their case notes before they’ve even picked up the phone – reducing all that time wasted at the beginning of the call and allowing you to start helping the client immediately. In today’s world customer service is everything, and this is a quick improvement that will pay off for your clients’ experience.
  • Third party integration – Proclaim is a massive resource but it’s probably not the only system you use in your day-to-day work. By understanding your particular business operations, Zeus’s development experts can broaden the boundaries of your Proclaim system so that it can integrate and talk to various other software that you use – or integrate it with your suppliers’ systems so that you can both benefit from a streamlined service.


As your business grows you may find that you need to change the way you work and what was once a vital part of your workflow is now completely useless to you. In this case it’s time to adapt Proclaim to suit your current operations.

Just because you set the system up in a particular way once, doesn’t mean it has to stay like that forever. Zeus’s developers can remove, adapt or add features as often as you need, to suit the changes in your business.

Grow your business

Proclaim is a vital tool for legal businesses, so it’s time to stop operating the way everyone else does and step ahead of them with a system built for you.

Zeus Technology Solutions can help you upgrade Proclaim so it’s fully optimised for your workflow, removes inefficiencies in the way you work, offers a better functionality for your staff and your clients, and allows your team to access all their vital case information easily from anywhere in the world.

Don’t settle for the standard setup. Let Zeus take your business further today.

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