Application patching

Patching. Have you seen the icon notifying you for system updates? You have?!

What comes to your mind first… usually, “that can wait!” We all procrastinate from time to time especially when it comes to patching. Of course, we have some good excuses – too busy or overwhelmed with work, in a rush for the next meeting or heading to pick up the kids from school. Or simply because we just don’t see it as that important. However, delaying can have a price. IF you want, you expose your system and technology to malicious agents who are trying to crack your security. Giving them more time to look for your system’s vulnerabilities.

Why it is important to patch your system

When Covid-19 hit, many organisations were stung by malicious agents and have experienced ransomware attacks. Why? As businesses move to work from home, many employees were left unprotected. Unaware of how to prevent or protect themselves from cyber-attacks. Moreover, some of the employers didn’t have the time or resource available to provide office equipment, forcing staff to work from personal devices. This situation created the perfect scenario for the cyber criminals to attack vulnerable systems.

Firstly, because employees don’t patch their personal system immediately when a new update is available, it creates cracks within their device security. Secondly, employees are used to application patching happening automatically, usually when someone else is looking after it. Thirdly, they don’t pay enough attention to the email sender and click on malicious links disguised as a “normal” one.

Proven from many surveys, people remain the weakest link within any company’s security. Busy in their work or not paying attention to details, has exposed many employees to phishing or in some cases ransomware attacks. Combined with outdated system security updates, this is the golden opportunity for cyber criminals. Even more so now, it is crucial to improve your cyber security and avoid future damage to your business. For the last year, hackers have become extremely innovative, brave and arrogant in their attacks.

How can we help?

Preventing data breaches can be a difficult task for any company. Our Zeus Tech team can provide assistance and the right services and products to help you secure your business.

We can help with automatic patching and hardening of your business systems. Preventing your system from being hacked by wormable bugs or malicious emails.

Quite simply, Zeus can strengthen your cyber security, improve your technology performance and ultimately increase your profits.

Get in touch with our Zeus Tech team if you have queries about your cyber security. We are here to help you.