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Paul Keefe, Cleardata

While renowned for its expertise in exploiting advancements in automation, market-leading document management company Cleardata is delighted its enduring relationship with Zeus Tech Solutions is anything but robotic.

The innovative firm revels in reducing its customers overheads through the digitisation of manual processes but is appreciative of the human touch its technology partner brings to its business.

“The team at Zeus is dynamic, easy to work with, co-operative and flexible, and I’ve not been programmed to say that,” explained Paul Keefe, head of sales and digital transformation at Cleardata. “I can do so because that is genuinely the case.

“They have the same dedication to delivery and can-do attitude to business that we do.” .

Paul – whose firm offers high volume document scanning and processing services, cloud document management, archive storage, automated data capture, robotic process automation and mailroom operations to organisations across the UK – said the strong synergy between the two companies was built on a record of shared successes.

“We met because of Zeus’ knowledge of Proclaim, a legal case management tool that we were  implementing with our own systems on behalf of a transactional-based law firm,” he added. “They created a magic box that allowed the documentation and data we captured to be fed back into Proclaim, significantly speeding up the client’s processes, with some actions that once took up to eight minutes reduced to a matter of seconds.

“However, we quickly realised that Zeus were skilled in many areas and not limited by a particular product type or process – they are truly multilingual in a coding sense and want to help improve companies organisationally as well as technically.

“Software projects always have challenges but when that happens we’re able to work together to find a technical solution; it’s great to have Zeus working alongside us in our  team“It often feels like we all work for the same business,” concluded Paul. “The level of support we receive from Ste Lucas [managing director] and his team is unrivalled.”

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