So, you have invested your hard-earned money in a Case Management System… But you don’t feel like you are using it to its full potential? Perhaps you’ve diversified into a different area of law and you don’t know how to adapt your systems or processes? Or maybe you haven’t received appropriate training… the list goes on and on.

Sound familiar? It does for us.

Over the last few years our team of Proclaim specialists have seen many similar scenarios, where customers struggle to get the best out of their systems and software. As a result, this has an impact on their organisational performance and financial condition.

As a case management system, Proclaim is an unique and well developed piece of software offering many great features, which can be used straight away – management information (MI) reports, data storage, document production and management, etc. However, different businesses have different needs and sometimes the common features are not quite aligned with your company’s requirements.

Proclaim was created as a developer friendly system, allowing you to customize your case management system according to your needs and preferences. By customizing your program you can benefit both operationally and financially. Additionally, through building bespoke functionality, you will be using your software to its full potential.

Zeus can make your ideas become a reality

Our team of Proclaim developers have in-depth knowledge and long experience in providing innovative and high-quality solutions. Ensuring that you can see a return on your IT investment and improve your profitability.

Using automation and expert workflow design and development, we have helped many law firms streamline their systems and processes. You can find more information about the data import and export and integration with external parties in our previous article. Additionally, Zeus Tech offers in-house developed add-ons, designed to complement and enhance your Proclaim workflow based on your unique company needs.

Zeus Tech can help you customize your Proclaim case management systems, allowing your company to take full advantage of what the software offers. Capturing the right data, reporting and highlighting risks, automated case opening, automated import and export of case data, amending and standardising key documents to minimize fee-earner data-entry, bespoke developments and many more high-quality and innovative solutions.

Contact us for advice and see how we can help you get the most out of your Legal Tech!