Benefits of Proclaim development and optimization

Eclipse’s Proclaim claims management system is the market-leading case management system available for legal firms. But, like any piece of software, if you’re only using it in its ‘out-of-the-box’ form, you’ll be missing out on a huge number of benefits. In this article, we’ll take you through the many different ways you can develop and optimise your Proclaim system and the benefits of doing so.

 Improve your Proclaim claims management software with development

Proclaim: enhancing the practice management process

If you’re reading this, the chances are that you’re familiar with Proclaim and are perhaps even using it in your own firm. But as with any piece of software it always pays to ‘read the manual’ and understand its full capabilities. At present, Proclaim is available for a wide range of claimant activities, including:

  • Accident Management
  • Insurance Claims Handling
  • Legal Expenses Insurance
  • Credit Hire and Fleet Operations

Prior to COVID-19 many legal firms were already in the process of ‘digitising’ their business models. Implementing systems such as Proclaim to radically improve efficiency, profitability and customer service. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, here at Zeus Tech Solutions we’ve seen this trend rapidly accelerate. With more and more firms implementing Proclaim or adapting and enhancing their software as a means of achieving this.

So, in what ways does Proclaim digitise your legal firm? Read on to find out.

Data Storage

Proclaim offers a powerful claims management database. Given the huge volume of data that now accompanies cases, court proceedings, and hearings etc., Proclaim allows firms to store all your contacts for each claim in addition to incoming mail, email, photographic evidence and more. Once you’ve implemented Proclaim, gone will be the days of important files and details scattered across multiple devices.

Case Importation

Whether you’ve got 1 or 10,000 pieces of electronic case information that your business partners are sending across, they can all be easily imported into Proclaim through the automated Task Server or at the click of a button, maintaining the correct formatting and attached to the correct cases. Instantly, you’ll be opening up a wealth of efficiency savings, removing hours of administration time and the potential for error.

First Notice of Loss

Proclaim features an integrated First Notice of Loss (FNOL) system which will enable your contact centre to quickly and easily capture accident details. Thanks to the integrated nature of Proclaim, these details can then be easily assigned to a ‘live’ claim file within Proclaim when necessary.

Document Creation, Collation and Management

Word? Excel? PDF? Outlook? With Proclaim you don’t have to worry about the headache of multiple tools and formats. Proclaim allows your team to create documents and forms within the system itself, keeping vital information secure and safe within the same place and easily accessible across your firm.

Send a text

SMS (text message) communication can be a powerful way of building and maintaining relationships with your clients. But the last thing you want to do is manage this communication through individual mobile devices, creating a disjointed database with the potential for major data protection breaches. Proclaim allows your team to send messages or surveys directly to clients’ mobile phones at the touch of a button. Not only does this build rapport with clients, but also better enables clients to be reminded of appointments – creating further efficiencies and cost-savings for your firm. Plus all communication is kept in one place, and is easily accessible by your relevant case handlers.

Financial analysis at hand

Proclaim provides you with a powerful way of tracking every cost associated with a claim. Every cost element is stored within the system, making it easier for your finance team to analyse and report costs; building up a clearer picture of the profitability of various case types.

Online Case Tracking

Need to share information about a claim with a client, partner or intermediary? Proclaim will allow you to do just that, giving you the ability to automatically publish selected case data to a secure web site, accessible to partners of your choice at any time of day.

Bespoke workflows

If you have a standardised procedure for dealing with cases, then Proclaim’s workflow can be tailored to match. By digitising the majority of your case handling workflow, you can eliminate vast swathes of administration, again, freeing up staff to work on other, more-profitable tasks and providing a more uniform experience for your clients, colleagues and partners.

Gain a competitive edge through Proclaim development

Don’t settle for standard

As the points above illustrate, Proclaim should sit at the heart of any business transformation process at a modern legal firm. It’s a great claims management system which is packed with time saving features; that’s the reason it’s the market-leading claims management software. But, as we stated at outset, if you only use Proclaim in its ‘out-of-the-box’ format you’ll barely be scratching the surface of its capabilities – and, more importantly, the benefits it can unlock for your firm.

Get the competitive advantage with Proclaim development

With many court activities closed, pending/ongoing personal injury cases / proceedings slowed along with postponed hearings, extended deadlines and rescheduled or cancelled depositions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we know that cash flows are under stress at many legal firms. By developing your Proclaim system you can benefit from cost and time savings that will improve your bottom line.

There’s also another reason you should consider developing your Proclaim system further. Your competitors. As the market-leading claims handling software, Proclaim is used by over 25,000 professionals.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and achieve the cost and time savings and customer experience benefits that your competitors cannot, you need to develop your Proclaim system further.

So, if you’re looking to get the most out of Proclaim once you’ve implemented it, gain a competitive advantage and unlock significant cost savings, read on to discover the best ways it can be developed.

Eclipse Proclaim development for legal companies

How can Proclaim be developed?

Like many pieces of software Proclaim can be developed to varying degrees of complexity. But, like many pieces of software, not all developments are necessarily technically worthwhile or cost-effective.

Here at Zeus Tech Solutions we’ve got decades of experience working on, developing and refining Proclaim systems. So below we’ve distilled the development pathways which are both cost-effective. And the most likely to deliver tangible benefits for your legal firm.

Process Automation

In every business you’ll find repetitive, tedious tasks which soak up time, but don’t require a significant amount of expertise. For legal firms that use Proclaim there’s a solution; automation.

Zeus Tech Solutions has worked with many firms to automate tasks which previously took up significant amounts of case handlers’ time. Automating tedious, robotic tasks frees up your staff to work on more complex and profitable tasks. The kind of processes which can be automated include transactions, data manipulation, triggering responses (“if this, then that”) and communicating with other systems. Automation also has the benefit of reducing errors, ensuring uniformity of process and even ensuring the automated distribution of reports to pre-assigned contacts.

Automation is already here in the legal industry. But, if you develop your Proclaim system to incorporate automated processes, you can still be ahead of the pack.

Integration with third party systems

Are you sick of systems not talking to each other? Having to continually log in and out of systems? Any modern legal firm must give consideration to harmonisation across their IT estate. Developing your Proclaim system to accommodate integration with third party systems can achieve this and eliminate those annoyances to deliver a wealth of time, cost and labour savings.

And, when we talk about integration, we don’t just mean your Microsoft 365 applications. Zeus Tech Solutions can develop your Proclaim system so that it can integrate with a wide variety of supplier software; for example, your partner’s medical reporting system, your partner’s real time reporting data and even Alexa for Business to allow you to receive information through voice first technology.

Our Proclaim integration ethos is about ensuring the transfer of data is seamless, every time. Say goodbye to lost medical reports or missing After The Event (ATE) policies. Instead, you and your partners will have consistent access to consistent data.

Bespoke Reporting Functionality

Data is king. If you have access to the right data, at the right time, you can make better, more informed decisions. The legal industry is more competitive than ever. So your ability to collate, parse and interpret data can make a big difference to your bottom line. However, in the hectic, information-saturated environment of a modern legal firm, getting that data can prove to be a challenge. But not if you’ve chosen to develop your Proclaim system with bespoke reporting functionality.

Whilst Proclaim comes with certain reporting functionalities ‘out-of-the-box’ our experience here at Zeus Tech Solutions is that most legal firms want and require bespoke reporting almost immediately. Reporting solutions that we’ve developed within Proclaim have included business intelligence and management information, financial management information, KPIs, trend dashboards, and information visualisation. That’s just the tip of the iceberg though. With development, the reporting functionality of Proclaim can be almost limitless.

Plus, we can match bespoke reporting functionality with automation, meaning that your essential reports can be scheduled to run of their own volition, disseminating themselves to relevant individuals within your firm.

So, whether you need a macro-level report of your entire firm’s case load, or a micro-level report of case-by-case gross profit margins. Zeus Tech Solutions can help with our bespoke reporting functionality development.

Workflow Development

Since the earliest days of industry, businesses have sought to improve their workflows and processes. Today’s modern legal firms are no different. If you can improve the way in which you handle and administer cases, you stand the benefit.

With the right kind of Proclaim development, these are the benefits you stand to gain:

  • Improved productivity– your fee earners can be more productive as your Proclaim system will automatically provide the client with updates on the case. Third parties can also be automatically informed at key stages e.g. reminder emails sent to medical providers when reports are due. Your fee earners can focus on bringing the case to a success conclusion rather than dealing with client administration.
  • Improved client satisfaction– improved workflow development will help your fee earners consistently communicate with clients. Not only that, but communications can be scheduled to be automatically sent to clients, keeping them informed and freeing up the fee earner further.

Bulk Data Handling

Today’s data-rich society means that dealing with a case can involve handling very large amounts of data; from personal details through to engineers, insurers or doctors’ reports. Handling that data also comes with serious responsibilities to ensure information security and accuracy. Doing all that manually can take up an enormous amount of time. And as the old mantra goes, “time equals money”.

Instead, developing your Proclaim system to accommodate mass imports and exports of data can free up your staffs’ time to focus on more profitable tasks. In addition to all that time freed up, incorporating data transfers into your Proclaim system will also improve accuracy. When you’re having to manually type data into Proclaim the chances of an error creeping in increase the more data there is. There’s also the benefit of having all of the data in one place. If you are switching between multiple systems, with the data held in multiple locations, you increase the likelihood of data going missing, becoming corrupted or ending up with ‘multiple sources of truth’; all of which takes time and money to resolve, whilst also posing a compliance risk.

It may seem like an obvious point but transferring data around manually (i.e. on paper) can have significant cost implications over the long run. Choosing to move your data via Proclaim can reduce these costs significantly and also speed up the transaction of data; another competitive advantage in the rapidly digitising world of legal firms.

Choose Zeus Tech Solutions to incorporate bulk data handling into your Proclaim system. You’ll benefit from quicker, more accurate, more useful data manipulation.

Document Standardising

Why should your fee earners spend an inordinate amount of time amending and editing key documents for every case? Well, they don’t have to. Your Proclaim system can be developed so that it can amend and standardise key documents so that more of your fee earners time can be spent working towards the successful resolution of a case rather than tapping away on a keyboard. It might not seem like much, but as the success of various sports teams which utilise the theory of marginal gains will tell you; it can add up to a big saving.

Develop your Proclaim system and benefit with Zeus Tech Solutions

If you’re using Proclaim, you need to speak to Zeus Tech Solutions today. Why? Because in today’s competitive, fast-moving legal sector, it’s the legal firms that are pioneering custom Proclaim systems that are leading the pack. Become one of those firms today. Talk to Zeus Tech Solutions.