Proclaim Automatic Case Opening

Most recently we worked on a Proclaim project for a commercial client based in London. They had a requirement to automatically open (import) cases  in bulk sent to them in a spreadsheet format from a third-party organisation.

Although our client had their own Proclaim developers, they had not attempted this type of work before. Therefore they decided to outsource it to our experienced Proclaim developers at Zeus Tech Solutions..

The client wanted the solution to be repeatable and as automated as possible.  Using their Eclipse Task Server and the Import/Export tools available in the Proclaim suite of tools, the Zeus Developers created a solution to periodically look for the import file, create the matter and process initial documents.

We also created a scheduled report delivered each morning. As a result, the client could see how many new cases we’re being opened.

This saved the client nearly ten minutes per case to process. Moreover, it also ensured no re-keying errors which usually occur on the manual entry of data.

 Proclaim Import and Export automatic Case Opening

Ours developers at Zeus Tech Solutions recently carried out a systems integration for a North West based solicitors’ firm. They wanted to integrate their Proclaim system into a third parties CRM system via Proclaim’s new REST services.

We identified the REST services feature of Proclaim as it is far easier and more efficient to setup an integration over Proclaim’s Web Services Administration tool.

It is also a good prelude to the future, with most newer services offering integrations by REST services.  This new powerful feature enabled us to seamlessly integrate our client’s Proclaim Case Management system with that of their suppliers’ system.

This integration enabled our client to receive new case data and create matters. In addition, it also provided the ability to send documents for electronic signing. Once signed these documents could be automatically placed on the history with follow up linked actions performed automatically.  It also keeps synchronised with the third-party suppliers system by adding key milestone updates as and when actions take place on the case.