When it comes to case and practice management tools within the legal sector, Proclaim has been prolific in its pervasion.

The off-the-shelf software has been at the spearhead of law’s digital revolution and is being used to securely streamline the processes of more than 3,800 firms.

Proclaim’s popularity is understandable, given the time and effort savings it can deliver through the automation of routine tasks and the accuracy and consistency it can bring to operations.

Realising the platform’s plentiful potential is not, however, as simple as picking it out of its box and “plugging” it in.

That is not a criticism of its creators but an acknowledgement that, like the people who work for them, law firms come in all shapes and sizes and therefore have nuanced needs.

It is impossible for a single piece of software to be able to immediately cater for a huge spectrum of specialisms, each with its own diverse range of documentation and staffing structures.

For best effect, the content management system needs to be moulded to fit – a feat of flexible programming perfected by the team of crack coders at Zeus Tech Solutions.

The IT innovators are proficient in tailoring Proclaim to best suit a company’s set-up, be that a one-person practice or firm operating from multiple offices and territories.

“Our expertise lies in our ability to refine the software to perform processes that match our clients’ way of working rather than them having to adapt to the constraints of a generic solution,” explained Robert Anderson, Assistant Head of Software Development at Zeus Tech Solutions.

“This customisation extends to integration with any third-party applications, such as credit check systems or those of funding providers, and avoids firms having to juggle with multiple portals and wasting time on data double-entry.

“Every firm has a particular set of requirements when it comes to things like levels of escalation and the segregation of data, our services mean they do not need to compromise as a consequence of buying an off-the-shelf product.

“With our support, companies can enjoy the benefits that come with adopting an interface familiar to the majority of those working in law, while being confident that a bespoke back end is optimising their operations.”