Proclaim (Eclipse legal) Telephone Integration

Does your Proclaim Case Management (eclipse legal) system integrate with your telephone system?

Our Proclaim system does…. and so could yours!  We’re talking Proclaim (Eclipse legal) Telephone Integration.

Following extensive development by the Proclaim Outsource and bespoke software team at Zeus Tech Solutions.

We have developed a product which integrates with your telephone system.  The bespoke software integrates with the Proclaim Case Management System (eclipse legal) and your telephone system.  The Proclaim integration provides information about the inbound caller direct to your fee earners desktop before they even pick up the phone!

The system takes an inbound call looks it up against the data stored in your Proclaim Case Management System and redirects the inbound clients call direct to your Proclaim users handset.


Or how about using Proclaim workflow to automatically make your telephone dial out from a task or screen?  This removes the need for your user to even have to dial the telephone.



…. If you’re interested in your Proclaim system making your telephone dial automatically from tasks or screens or implementing screen popping to show case information when your clients ring in get in touch with me, this will save your fee earners hours!!!!