We are living in a dynamic world where time is precious, and the volume of work has increased drastically compared to 10 years ago. As a result, every company is looking to be more efficient and reduce costs to the minimum. But how can you do that? One solution is Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Simply explained, RPA is a technology that automates your business processes, minimising human errors and reducing costs, allowing employees to focus on other higher-level activities.

What’s RPA all about?

System integration robots

If you are using two systems at the same time you multiply the time you spend entering the data to both systems manually in order to update information. However, through system integration, robots can make both systems talk to each other and to automatically share information without the need of human intervention. As a result, your company saves time and money and improves its efficiency and effectiveness by minimising human mistakes.

Data Transformation, Extraction and Data Entry

Through data robots, it’s possible to capture data from emails or third-party organisations and import (export) it on your case management system. As a result, the robots automatically open cases eliminating the need of human intervention and monitoring. Additionally, based on the extracted information, the system can create weekly or monthly reports, giving you a clear overview of your  organisations processes and efficiency – e.g. average amount of received cases, missing information, case status, etc.

Data Validation

In most industries data validation is a key feature, especially within the legal, medical, finance and insurance industries. Through RPA processes, robots can perform tasks that can check your accounts statement reconciliation, negotiated invoice price and received amount, outstanding payments, address match or if the address actually exists etc. Data validation processes can complete automated checks through third-party systems. Ffor example Royal Mail (address check) or credit checks.

Schedule tasks

Through scheduled tasks your organisation can receive weekly / monthly / quarterly / yearly reports based on your requirements and business needs. This can include cashflow payments, outstanding payments, paid invoices, invoice reconciliation, received cases, employees’ productivity, etc.

Benefits of RPA services and where can we apply them?

Robotic Process Automation services are an integral part of the modern organisation and digitalisation processes. Through these digital robot workers / helpers, companies can improve their efficiency and effectiveness. Saving time and money and focusing on more important things. Forget about the manual and / or incorrect data input. No more browsing through different systems to find the information you are looking for; no more stress over the monthly report you have to create or to monitor the cashflow… The RPA services can do all of these for you:

  • Saving your time and money.
  • Minimising human mistakes and human interaction.
  • Improving business efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Improving productivity.

The good news is RPA services can be integrated within your case management system and applied to most business functions including finance / accounting, IT, sales & marketing, HR, administration and operations. By automating tasks, your whole organisation benefits from better distribution of its time and managing its operations.

If you want to learn more about Robotic Process Automation and how your organisation can benefit from automation workflow, do not hesitate to contact us.