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Importing and Exporting Data

With Proclaim’s import export capability, the world’s your oyster.

If you work with third party providers like After The Event Insurance (ATE) companies or lead generation businesses, then being able to automatically import and export data from your Access Proclaim software system is where you need to be. One of the main advantages to Proclaim over any other system is its comprehensive import and export system.

Proclaim software can consume and produce various file formats including but not limited to:

  • CSV
  • XML
  • JSON

Proclaim software also has its own format known as a CDH (Case Diary History) which enables two proclaim systems to update case data, history and task lists.

Our team members are experts in automating imports and exports for Proclaim software and in creating bespoke linked actions so when an import of data takes place the initial process of any file is 100% automated.

Use Case

Most recently we worked on a Proclaim software project for a commercial client based in London. They had a requirement to automatically open (import) cases from a third party that were sent to them in bulk via a spreadsheet format.

Although our client had their own Proclaim software developers, they had not attempted this type of work before. Therefore they decided to outsource it to our experienced Proclaim software developers at Zeus Tech Solutions.

The client wanted the solution to be repeatable and as automated as possible. Using their Eclipse Task Server and the Import/Export tools available in the Proclaim software suite of tools, the Zeus Tech Solutions developers created a solution to periodically look for the import file, create the matter and process initial documents.

We also created a scheduled report delivered each morning. As a result, the client could see how many new cases we’re being opened.

This saved the client nearly ten minutes per case to process. Moreover, it also ensured no re-keying errors which usually occur on the manual entry of data.

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