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Workflow Creation and Amends

Secure onboarding and document signing built into your case management system.

Are you looking to customise your Proclaim case management software and get the most from your technology investment? You’ve come to the right place.

‘Proclaim heroes, ambassadors of automation’.

Zeus Tech Solutions is the leading provider of automating Access Proclaim Legal software to fit the needs of your business.

One of the main challenges of this out-of-the-box solution, is that one workflow does not fit all. We are 100% confident that Proclaim will not fit with the way in which you want to run your business.

Automation creates efficiencies in businesses. Using Proclaim legal software compatible tools, our developers will work with the key members of your team to adapt or create workflows that streamline your business processes.

Use case – Proclaim Workflows
Data capture is critical for keeping track of case milestones and is almost always triggered from a workflow action. The best example is a basic date being filled into a letter that is being sent to your customers. For example, if you generate issue documents, you can capture the issue date and set a reminder for the next key event by creating a task. Consideration of units and time recording is a key fundamental when amending workflow.

Your WIP is important and needs to be accurate.

With Proclaim linked actions you can really start to create automation – by the click of a button you can generate multiple documents. set reminders and by using linked actions with auto routines can really begin automating your Proclaim workflows.

What is workflow maintenance or amends?
Workflow maintenance is where all the workflow amends take place from amending documents, text messages, file notes / memos and the all important linked actions.

Without customising your Proclaim workflow environment your team will be making manual amends to documents which can sometimes lead to increase risk and is inefficient.

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