We were so pleased to be nominated for a second technology award in as many weeks. On April 7th the Modern Law Awards 2022 will take place, promoting best practices across the legal sector.

As a technology service provider working with high volume law firms, there are endless innovation opportunities – from the implementation of robotic process automation (RPA) to improve the speed of delivery to customers and increased accuracy and security – for example, robotic automation of AML checks.

The pandemic has provided law firms with a reason to transform their IT offering and to do it quickly! As reported by McKinseys, in just a few months, the COVID-19 crisis has accelerated the digitisation of customers, supply-chain interactions and internal operations by up to four years – as a technology practice on the frontline for IT, this has certainly been our experience.

For our clients and the legal sector, technology became the priority for business continuity – from reassessing complete IT infrastructures for hybrid working to managing government initiatives such as the Stamp Duty Holiday and looking for ways of providing a virtual service to customers. To implement such change, law firms needed a ready-to-go development team that was talented and agile – bring on the Zeus team heroes!

Through our work in utilising innovative technology, we were able to act quickly – from providing solutions such as voice-enabled applications to improving case management systems through the implementation of faster and more accurate documentation systems. Here are just three examples:

We set up and implemented an AI-based RPA system that handles law firms’ inbound mailroom function to not only file inbound post but also take information from them the documents to streamline the process, reduce data input errors and enhance the customer journey, taking the processing of documentation from hours to seconds.

We created a bespoke RPA telephony system that takes inbound calls and based on current case status, it can smart route that call to the correct handler every time, reducing wait times for customers and streamlining the telephony journey. The same system enables handlers to see key matter information before answering the phone to make calls personable and quicker to resolve, providing prop-tech firms with a personable approach.

During the latter part of 2021, we decided to undertake a perception study with our clients, running face to face (via Zoom) interviews to understand how our technology solutions enabled improvements to their business and whether there has been a return on investment. We know that our tools have all contributed to increased revenue and the bottom line as well as enhanced the operations of their business.