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Alexa Integration

Add voice commands to your client communication with Alexa integration.

The new digital era of voice-first commands is giving businesses a new platform to communicate with their clients. Zeus Tech Solutions can support your business with Alexa Skills integration, allowing you and your clients to interact with your case management system through Amazon Echo devices.

Client benefits

Zeus can integrate Alexa skills with your case management system, so the client can instantly get updates on their case at any time of the day, simply by asking. They can also find out the answers to frequently asked questions or review details on their claims without having to call or email. This sleek solution means less time spent on the phone or waiting for responses, keeping the client happy and informed and freeing up time for your team.

Business benefits

Alexa skills can also be developed to integrate with your corporate systems. This will allow you to review processes or get up to date reports on outstanding tasks, KPIs, conversion rates, monthly target goals, turnover or other measures. All without having to search through different management tools – all you have to do is ask.

There are a lot of functions that can be streamlined and improved with access to voice-first tools. Add Alexa skills integration to your business by contacting Zeus Tech Solutions.

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