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Click to Dial

Manage calls directly through your case management system.

The Click to Dial system developed by Zeus Tech Solutions improves your ability to communicate efficiently and effectively with your clients.

Designed to integrate directly with Proclaim or other case management systems, click to dial will automatically and instantly connect your incoming calls with data stored in your system to provide you essential information on your client and their case before you’ve even answered.

Calls can be redirected to the appropriate team or person, reducing the client’s wait times and maintaining a strong relationship between client and representative. Our screen popping functionality also means that client information is available to the user on their desktop without needing to do anything.

Click to Dial can also be used to handle outbound calls, with automatic dialling available through the client’s details on Proclaim. Calls can be recorded and added directly to the Proclaim case history.

The software can be developed flexibly to fit your preferred case management system and customer relationship management tools, with various functions available to suit your workflow.

If you’re looking to improve your connection with clients, contact Zeus about Click to Dial.

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