A lot has changed in the digital domain in the three decades since Stephen Lucas first began tinkering with technology by taking apart – and reassembling – his family’s ZX Spectrum as a schoolboy.

Now the managing director of Zeus Tech Solutions, the IT innovator’s career has coincided with quantum leaps in computing power that have seen consumers and companies become ever more dependent on data and the sophisticated software systems that handle it.

However, in stark contrast to the complexity of coding used by his colleagues to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of businesses across a broad spectrum of sectors, Stephen has made a conscious effort to keep his own use of language as simple as the microcomputer that first piqued his interest in programming.

“Just because a company is reliant on technology or needs help to get the most out of its systems, does not mean it wants to be burdened by the ‘noise’ that goes with it,” said the 40-year-old, explaining his decision to deliberately distance Zeus’ approach to client communications from the stereotypical, jargon-riddled rhetoric of other prominent players in the IT industry.

“Although we provide a specialist service and are very good at what we do, we’re not masters of some dark art and so do our best to use language that people understand. We’d rather wow customers with the quality of our work and solutions than by trying to impress them using technical terminology that doesn’t really mean anything to them.

“Similarly, we always strive to be as transparent as possible when it comes to the level of effort required to solve their problems; be it keeping them informed of any unexpected issues or letting them know if there is any ‘fat’ left in the tank.”

It is an ethos that continues to pay dividends for Zeus, which has enjoyed exponential growth since originally opening its doors in support of law firms in 2016.

The company’s proficiency in tailoring Proclaim – a legal case management tool – to suit the needs of its clients and substantially speed up their processes, coupled with the approachable nature of Stephen and his team, have established enduring relationships with a host of leading practices and caught the attention of those operating in other fields.

In addition to attracting names such as Kings Court Trust, Spratt Endicott Solicitors and Cleardata to its client roster, Zeus has seen the number of its developers double over the past 12 months and – despite the constraints of COVID – expanded its footprint of operations across the UK and overseas.

While conceding that overseeing the company’s continued growth in territories including Australia will limit his opportunities to “jump on the tools”, Stephen has no concerns there will be a cessation in the straight talking afforded to customers.

“We’ve recruited an excellent team and will remain a hands-on consultancy – if anything the hands being applied will just be more skilled than my own,” added Stephen, who embarked on a brief foray into the world of accountancy before deciding coding was his true calling. “Customer satisfaction is key, and it is a part of our culture. We get a buzz from seeing our solutions solve others’ problems and that won’t change.

“What has changed during the course of my own career is the need for companies to have technology in place,” he concluded. “Firms not only need to embrace tech but innovate with it or risk being left behind. Zeus can build that tech for them and ensure it can be used to best effect anywhere in the world.”