Automation, customisation and integration – the three keywords that have led the way in which we have helped to transform business operations and the customer journey for conveyancing firms.

Our growth success in 2021 has come from personal recommendation, which is a testament to the fantastic work our talented development team has achieved in transforming our clients’ businesses.

When the pandemic hit, business leaders and decision-makers had to embrace new ways of working and new ways to support the client journey. Clients looking for a competitive advantage had to move quickly and reassess everything, from working from home securely to providing their customers with a virtual platform for the whole conveyancing journey. They needed a ready to go development team that was talented and agile. Through our work, utilising innovative technology approaches, we know that we have had a positive impact on job and client satisfaction.

Implementation of an AI-based RPA system that handles law firms’ inbound mailroom function to not only file inbound post to correct matter but also take information from their documents to further streamline the process, reduce data input errors and enhance the customer journey, taking the processing of documentation from hours to seconds. In the past five years, our business has grown organically with a client base where many have been with us since inception. In this time, we have seen a quantifiable competitive advantage from the work we have delivered for all our clients. One of our conveyancing clients, whom we began working with in 2019, has grown its revenue from £10m pa to £13m+. Through our automation tools and improving the functionality of Proclaim, we can directly associate our input by giving our clients improvements in capacity and accuracy. One stand-out key technological innovation, which has led to a quantifiable competitive advantage, was our implementation of a Voice First Alexa App which embraces Natural Language Processing (NLP) to enable clients to ask Alexa for updates on their conveyancing transactions and to help explain any key conveyancing terms.

This Alexa application was a first of its kind and it was launched during the pandemic. It helped the client deal with additional enquiries without increasing resources. It also showed that voice-first technologies have a place in the Conveyancing industry when clients struggle to understand key terms and just want to know what is going on with their case progression. During the latter part of 2021, we decided to undertake a perception study with our clients, running face to face (via Zoom) interviews to understand how our technology solutions enabled improvements to their business and whether there has been a return on investment. We know that our tools have all contributed to increased revenue as well as enhanced the operations of their business.  On originality, in a highly saturated market, prop-tech firms must continue to invest in innovation. Our role was to help our clients go to market with new ideas that can improve their customers’ journey. In addition to ease of access, one of the most significant positive functions of the Skill is the explanation of legal jargon. Through the Alexa skill customers can find out everything from understanding specific contractual terms to more out about fee breakdowns. Within the console, not only can a customer access their fees and disbursements (which it lists for the user), they can ask Alexa for the description of each fee, and they will be provided with a clear explanation. The Alexa Skill is intelligent and intuitive and is regularly updated with keywords and phrases or questions frequently asked by customers.

In our experience firm-wide adoption of any technology is one of the biggest challenges faced by growing law firms. Zeus Tech Solutions is an established technology enabler that has provided tailored IT consultancy, bespoke software development and Legal Case Management support and development to high volume law firms in the UK and internationally.

We understand that our added value role is to help our clients make the most out of their investment in IT.