Click To Dial – telephone integration for your Case Management System

Time is short. We all know how frustrating it is when you have to manually dial a number because your system doesn’t give you the option to do so straight from your case management system. Zeus Tech can make this a thing of the past.

As an innovative and customer-focused company, we at Zeus Tech know how important is to keep your system optimised. Not only because it saves you time and effort but because it affects the whole organisation’s efficiency and effectiveness. For example, you open a case file within your case management system (Proclaim) and need to call the solicitor or the client. Then you find the number and start dialling it manually.

Unfortunately, the number is incorrect or not complete. You get frustrated and have to search for a different number and dial it again. The second time may work but you’ve already lost some of your most valuable asset – time. If this happens even a few times during the day the lost time gets just keeps increasing. While it’s happening to you, it’s happening to your colleagues too. When you log your calls in Proclaim to calculate your effectiveness you can see where the lost time is.

This situation affects not only you but the whole organization affecting your company’s efficiency and effectiveness and put simply, it’s not a good use of your time.

Zeus Tech Solutions

Our team of experienced developers have created telephone integration with Proclaim – a real game changer. Zeus Tech’s Click-To-Dial is a software product which can be smoothly integrated within your telephone and case management system. It allows you to dial clients, contractors, vendors, etc. straight from your case with just one click. No more manual dialling, no more mistakes, no more frustration.

Not only does Click-To-Dial save you time, this innovative add-on provides information about the inbound caller directly to your fee-earner’s desktop before they even pick up the phone! The system takes the inbound call number and uses it to search the data stored in your Proclaim Case Management System. Additionally, Zeus Tech, working closely with our partners at etiCloud have enhanced this innovative solution further by adding recordings directly to the Proclaim case history. This saves you the time and effort of manually logging calls and gives you extra time to spend on your case.

Click-to-dial is a flexible and seamless integration for your Proclaim Case Management system and / or customer relationship tools.

Sound interesting? If you want to find out how Zeus Tech can help you get more from your Proclaim system call us now. If you have the ambition, Zeus has the solution.