Inside the Next-Gen Software Engineers Academy: A Q&A with one of our stellar trainees


ZeusNext-Generation Software Engineers Academy officially opened its door in October! Find out about life at the academy in this Q&A with our newest recruit, Sam Cunningham. 


Q: Hi Sam! Please tell us what you were up to before you joined the academy?

A: I was in school finishing my GCSEs, which I completed in June. My favourite subject was digital IT, which also happened to be my best result! I got a grade of 7, which I was really pleased with.


Q: Well done on your results! What made you decide to apply for the academy? 

A: I’ve always liked IT as a subject – it’s no coincidence it was my highest GCSE grade! One of my dad’s friends had heard of the academy and mentioned it to me. I looked it up and thought it would be a good opportunity to get a head start on the career ladder and learn new skills, so I applied!


Q: What has life been like at the academy so far?

A: The experience has been just great. Everyone is so supportive and friendly, and I appreciate the trust that’s been placed in me. I’m able to learn independently, but also feel that I have all the support I could need. The team always tell me: if you have any questions, ask! I’ve been made to feel really welcome, and I love how sociable the office is. Zeus is a great place to learn.


Q: What does a typical week look like for you?

A: The training programme is well structured, so I always know where I need to be and what the week ahead holds. I learn from home three days a week, working on modules about different coding languages and how they apply in business. Then, two days a week, I’m in the office, shadowing the software development team and putting the things I’ve learnt into practice.


Q: Once the six-month apprenticeship is over, what would you like to do next? 

A: I’m looking forward to becoming a fully-fledged software developer and taking the next step of my career here! In a year or so, I can see myself helping new recruits learn about coding, in the same way the software development team are helping me now.


Q: Lastly, what would you say to someone thinking of applying to join the academy?

A: Go for it! It’s a great opportunity. You get excellent work/life balance, have the support you need, and learn a lot. On top of that, everyone is friendly and welcoming. Even if you don’t have much IT knowledge yet, you’ll quickly learn at the academy. Most of the things I’ve learnt here weren’t in my GCSE, but the team is so supportive, and the programme makes learning enjoyable.


Thank you to Sam for taking part in this Q&A! He has really hit the ground running at the academy, and we’re excited to see him continue learning and developing.


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