Software developers left facing a bleak winter in the wake of Pure Business Group’s collapse into administration earlier this month have had their Christmases and long-term futures secured by the swift actions of another Liverpool-based company.

Within hours of the news breaking of the legal services business’ demise’, Zeus Tech Solutions had contacted, interviewed, and offered permanent positions to several of the 200-plus people unexpectedly made redundant.

Among those to be given a rapid return to employment by Zeus Tech Solutions, specialists in leveraging technology to enhance efficiency across a broad spectrum of sectors, were individuals who only discovered the plug had been pulled on their jobs at Pure when they were unable to log into their work accounts.

A number of the developers have already begun working for their new employers on higher salaries than their previous posts, with the prospect of several more being hired over the course of the coming weeks.

Stephen Lucas, the Managing Director of Zeus Tech Solutions, commented: “Being made redundant when you’ve got bills and a mortgage to pay can be devastating at the best of times, but it must be particularly hard on people when it comes completely out of the blue. One of the individuals I talked to on the day he learned his job had gone was distraught – he felt that his family’s Christmas had been ruined”.

“It felt great for there to be a silver lining – to not only be able to take that financial worry away but to have him start with us the very next day, as was the case with others.“

“All of those hired have joined us on more money and on the same terms as our existing staff because it was important to us that we weren’t short-changing people and taking advantage of their misfortune.”

However, Stephen concedes that Zeus’ rapid recruitment, which has seen its team of expert Proclaim – a legal case management tool – and .NET developers double in strength overnight, was more than just an act of benevolence.

“It may have happened quickly, but we have secured the services of some very good people, who will add value to both our business and those of our customers.” Stephen added. “As a company we are growing month on month and have never been so busy, so it’s great to have additional help onboard.”